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To safely handle requests from Law Enforcement Agencies

only available as deployment to customer's premises

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The easiest choice for telecommunication operators

Extensible Workflow System (EWS) is the information system to fulfill Telecommunication operators requirements to handleLaw Enforcement Agency (LEA) data requests, like traffic data, voice interception, customer data from phone numbers and many more.

The system receives requests from LEAs, allows to generate tasks for specific and configurable departments within or without the company. When all information is retrieved, it generates responses to requesting LEAs, sends them and securely deletes sensitive data only -as it leaves all data for invoicing. All that in a secure and extensible environment. The invoicing module completes the process in compliance with LEAs billing requirements. An extended filtering of which activites to invoice provides the invoice total amount of the filtered activities, also by LEA.

EWS fulfils security requirements such

  • Data encryption.
  • Role separation of administrative users and operation users.
  • Cryptography of communication channels.
  • Centralised and encrypted log.
  • Auditing and denial of service when attack to the application is detected.
  • Application access report.
  • SLA handling for LEA requests.

EWS currently satisfies the following* LEA requests

  • Lawful interception requests, including extensions and premature stops
  • Master data requests
  • Phone call list requests
  • Service blocking requests
  • URL filtering requests

EWS currently satisfies the following integrability and scalability needs

  • Scalable architecture in Java Enterprise, in order to ease system integration
  • Application server JBOSS and Tomcat
  • Integration with Fax server and PEC (Italian custom protocol for secure email) in both directions.
  • Natively integrable with data retention systems**
  • Automatic filling in of responses to LEA and PDF/email generation and sending
  • Internal ticketing system for request processing

EWS is able to handle

  • Incoming requests (email, fax, PEC)
  • Activities needed to satisfy LEA requests
  • Multiple tasks for each activity
  • Document creation by means of templates
  • Response to LEA with annexes from workflow
  • Invoice generation and output for southbound billing systems
  • Customisable reports
  • Tracking of sending receipts and secure deletion of sensitive data upon succesfull sending


It is possible to develop any customisation to the product, like activity types or integration with data retention systems, including data consolidation.

Added value

Professional support to optimally configure and use EWS is included.

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