Introducing MIIRC Planning

Follower competitors took MIIRC Planning & operations as a reference.

Build coordinated shifts and rostering

Follower competitors took MIIRC Planning & operations as a reference. Thanking for that acknowledgement, the fact is that more than a decade long experience in international railway projects has allowed the design and implementation of this product.


MIIRC Planning & operations has been built with Java Enterprise Edition, the most interoperable technology. This surely helps to exchange data in virtually any format with any system. Our added value is that we made it already interoperable with TAF/TAP-TSI messages and other European standards.


Fretless Idea has decades of experience in analysing and integrating software for the international community and specific track records on railway operations. We are sure you would appreciate exchanging data with all organizations around your business.


Included the very first Italian private freight operator, we have been innovating ICT in the railways for more than a decade. Of course you know what you need, so in addition we are giving you lots of fretless ideas. Implemented.

Compliant shifts for personnel and rolling stock

Conceived since the beginning to manage the shifts for the rail industry, MIIRC Planning & operations reduces costs because it points out possible optimizationson resource usage. With our analytical algorithms and kpi calculation is it now possible to compare mutiple scenarios both on long and short term. Coordinated shifts between employees and rolling stock are checked against working contracts and safety regulations. Path related operations are tracked. When disruptions occur while operating trains, with MIIRC Planning & operations you may easily replan timetables until they meet your planning again. Qualification to the service, restrictions and any other constraint are verified as well as resource availability. MIIRC Planning & operations is a visual tool running also on mobile devices.

Freight module

Our freight-specific module bring railway companies to a new competitive level, thanks also to detailed rolling stock database, automatic data exchange, train checking from mobile devices and all other process you already know. Because of our experience we have been hired by UIC to validate the software architecture of the European Common Interface for freight application.

Data exchange

An interoperable data exchange framework allows customers of MIIRC Planing & operations to be connected with all their surrounding organizations, including partners and infrastructure managers. Data and documents are exchanged between offices, yards and running locomotives.

Compliance and risk reduction

As the Railways is a sector with lot of rules, we specialized in implementing them. MIIRC Planning & operations users are clearly warned about broken rules, like time limits for working at night, for instance. Amendments of any document are distributes to personnel in real time and the distribution receipt is recorded.


With MIIRC Planning & operations railway companies can really monitor production activities in real-time. Validated data is then forwarded to administration, and payroll systems are fed from timesheets. An innovative and dynamic report engine truly supports strategic decisions, business intelligence and financial processes for monitoring production costs.

Added value

Professional support to optimally configure MIIRC Planning & operations is included in all versions of the software. If you don't want to have an IT office we can also supply our products as a service so don't wait: call us and start getting value from our fretless ideas!