Introducing FormaT
software service

Everything you need to be integrated in the railway freight transport.

Create and exchange train composition and technical documents

You, as a railway undertaking company, need to track detailed information on composition of train they are hauling. You can get those information either from manually collecting data on the field or by data integration with partners.

Are you integrated?

Integrated means that your system is able to talk with your partners' systems. When you are integrated you don't type data with your keyboard because the integration saves data inside your system for you. To work seamlessly integration requiress specific experience an a strong process view.

Integrated also mean that you have a database of wagons you can pick data from and you can check new data against. You probabily don't want to check manually all data -or not be sure data is of best quality!

When you start relying on Fretless Idea's long system integration experience and FormaT system you are immediately integrated. We mean both with your key partners and with your wagon database.

The fast interoperable choice

In Europe railway information is currently exchanged in many formats, of which some may have and you may find it difficult to integrate with mutiple partners if, which is because of historical reasons and. We have seen all major ones, in several versions!

FormaT has a track record in international data exchange. Since the first deployment FormaT exchanged hundreds thousands messages between several Railway companies and across multiple EU Member States.

In addition

  • FormaT is you single user interface for many train composition formats
  • FormaT is web based and on the cloud. Accessible from your mobile devices
  • You will have all train documents created automatically in PDF!
  • You will save time by having our data exchange experience at your service
  • You will improve data quality and create stronger relations by sharing data with your key partners