About Us

The new way to integration interoperability information systems knowledge

We solved many operational issues of several sectors, like restaurants, hotels, training centers, ski schools, telecommunication providers and railway operators.

Transferring knowledge to unexperienced people who eventually would pass Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification brought an open-knowledge culture within the company.

Innovation is leveraged by all that background - and continuously supported by a mix of several ingredients, such as metaprocesses and metadata analysis, indirect and creative approach in solving problems and a strong focus on project success.

Fretless Idea has been hired by UIC to validate the software architecture of the TAF-TSI Common Interface and to manage its international European tests. We supplied 100+ consultancy man-days in the Deployment Team of Common Component Special Group (TAF-TSI). Commission Regulation (EC) 62/2006

Fretless Idea has designed a data model to support ECM Regulation (EU) 445/2011 requirements for workshops. Our model take into account temporal and spatial aspects of wagon maintenance. The European Railway Agency invited us to present our model in their workshop in Sofia within their Assessment Certification of ECM and SMS dissemination program and on June 2012.

Focus on customer

Email, Extended support, We can travel to your premises, Flexible price plan, ergonomy, customizations are possible, Agile projects, commitment to deadlines, Right to the point.

Railway DNA

10+ year serving the railway industry, attracted by railways since ever.

Enterprise-level technology

Java enterprise technology + HTML5/CSS3/JS, Stress test before new releases, your missing tie, banking-level security, on the cloud.

Environmentally friendly

Benchmarks of your ICT environments for transistions, We help saving paper, We choose green energy.

15 years on the market

Enterprise-level ICT culture, Wide knowledge base, Articles on newspapers/web, Partecipation in international projects, International public speaking.

We also like

coffee, time with family, Belgian beers, playing musical instruments, taking pictures, going into details, foresee scenarios, social relations.

The core team